Here you can find the answers to most of the questions you will have 🙂

How do you take payment?

All payments are taken by Epoch or Paypal. We are also looking to add CCBill in the near future.

How much is the Member Club?

Unrestricted Members Club access is $30 per calendar month.

Do i have to sign a contract?

While you are bound to the terms on conditions of the website there is absolutely no minimum term contract, you can subscribe for a month then cancel.

What phone does Demi use to post mobile galleries?

Rae uses the latest iPhone 5s. The camera quality and low light performance is very good.

What formats are the videos?

We offer the full HD videos in MP4, OGV and WEBm formats to ensure they work across the major browsers and IOS devices.

I have been charged but i can not access the website.

Accounts sometimes become disabled for various reasons, please email support and we will ensure your account is reinstated immediately.

I can not access the website from my wifi connection.

If you have logged into the site form two devices with different IP addresses simultaneously the system is likely to ban you from the accessing the server for presumed password sharing. Be sure to contact support using a 3g connection and log out of the site from all devices.

Help & Support

Still can’t find what you are looking for? We are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.